Welcome to the Digital Church Conference 2020

We are excited to introduce this conference themed “Disruptive digital technology and the Church”. The aim is to bridge the gap between the Church and technology by exploring digital disruptions in churches and how the Nigerian church can leverage technology to optimize operational efficiency. The conference will equip participants with the required knowledge and skills to take advantage of technology in actualization of various objectives of the church and reaching a global audience.

Conference Segments

1. Digital Disruptions Expo (10am-2pm): Interactive and engaging sessions with speakers from church and technology backgrounds speaking on how technology is disrupting traditional church operations and activities. We will be exploring topics like how online payments is gaining grounds as the primary way of paying offerings and tithes, evangelism and reaching out to a larger audience using digital marketing and social media, streaming of church events to enable worldwide reach and lots more!!

2. Practical Sessions (2pm – 3pm): Training sessions where we will be teaching you how to grow your church online presence, first-timers follow up and retention using a church management software, effective live streaming, lighting and stage design, leveraging digital marketing and social media to improve church engagement. These sessions are open to pastors and church workers who are in the IT, media, communication and production departments and anyone who wants to learn how the Church can use digital innovations.

[Conference + Workshops]


  • Conference access.
  • Free Sms units.
  • Practical sessions.
  • Panel discussions.
  • 2 months free Church management software.
  • Free online giving integration.
  • Presentations.
  • Exhibitions.
Want to Participate?

Empower your church or ministry with digital innovations. Participants will learn how to:

  • Promote Church activities and events using Digital Marketing Channels.
  • Use Digital Marketing Channels effectively as a Pastor, Church Leader or Church Worker.
  • Effectively manage the Church brand and public relations online.
  • Follow up on first timers and manage Church operations using a church management software.
  • Use or integrate online payment and e-commerce into online platforms.
  • Achieve proper lighting and stage design for the Church
  • Broadcast Church activities and events live on Social Media accounts, websites and other online platforms.

Participants will also learn how other Churches have achieved growth and efficiency using technology from some of our speakers.

Event Sessions

Digital Disruptions Expo

Interactive and engaging sessions with speakers from church and technology backgrounds speaking on how technology is disrupting traditional church operations and activities.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussions after each session of speakers where industry professionals and practitioners are engaged to share insights on various relevant topics and trends in their various areas of expertise.

Practical Session

Intensive and practical sessions where participants are trained in key technology areas and facilitated by experienced industry professionals and strategists.


A segment where several exhibitors showcase digital marketing solutions, technological innovations, church management software, applications, gadgets and other products and services used by Churches.
The Package
Content Areas

1. Digital Marketing

Focus will be placed on the need for Churches and Christian Organizations to integrate and implement digital marketing tools and strategies respectively into their activities and management. Additionally, the Churches will be taught how they can use digital solutions and technologies.

2. Social Media Marketing

Churches and Christian Organizations who do not use social media will be guided to develop simple social media strategy and setup their accounts. All participants will be trained in various elements of social media marketing so they can be effective in managing their presence more effectively.

3. Church Management Software

This is a special session which will feature Church Management applications and software the participants can use to manage their members, departments and Church services. Developers of the apps and solutions will do short presentations as well as exhibit their apps.

4. First Timer Retention/Follow Up

5. E-commerce & Online Payments

Churches and the organizations will be trained in how to sell books, sermons, DVDs and CDs, as well as collect payments via their online assets using Online Payments or Mobile Money. Accounts will be created for the Churches who wants to start collecting payments online or via Mobile Money.

6. Website Design and Management

7. Content Marketing

Since content is the life of online interactions, participants will be treated to the various content types, formats and contexts to use to interact with their audience and package their messages. They will also learn how to develop and manage contents across the various digital marketing channels. Participants will learn the power of photography and its role in communicating the brand or messages of the church.

8. Live Broadcasting & Projection

Experts and strategists will teach the technical teams from the participating Churches on how to manage projections during Church services and also broadcast across various channels. They will learn how to do live video streaming to Facebook, Periscope, YouTube and their websites.

9. Digital Media Department

One key requisite requirements for becoming a Digital Church or Christian Organization is having a fully-equipped, resourced and managed Digital Media Department. They will be taught the resources, equipment and competences needed to setup and manage the Digital Media Department. Discount deals will be arranged with partner companies and suppliers for the participating Churches.

10. Church Communication

Participants will learn how communication is critical in creating an endearing and engaging presence across their digital assets. They will learn how to develop and implement communication plans for their ministries.

Who Can Attend
  • Church Leaders and Workers.
  • Technology Leaders.
  • Software developers and engineers in Churches.
  • Stakeholders and decision makers in Churches.
  • Christian Organizations.
  • Technology Lovers and Enthusiasts.
  • IT Executives and professionals in Churches.
  • Tech Equipment and Software Retailers.
  • Digital Marketers and social media experts.
Who's Speaking?

Hear from inspiring professionals passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Pst. Seyi Oladimeji

[CEO, Church Management Consult]

Pst. Adeleke Adekoya

[Payment & Cards Strategy, E-business & Business Process Mgt.]

Ized Uanikhehi

[Digital Marketing Expert]

Peter Ihesie

[Founder, Churchplus]

Feyisayo Oloyede

[Media & IT Manager RCCG LP 35 Rose of Sharon]

Emmanuel Afemikhe

[Creative Director at Nuels Haven]
Event Organizer

Churchplus is a technology driven company with over five years experience in providing technology services to churches. We are passionate about bridging the gap between churches and the application of technology in improving operational efficiency. Our services include church management software, website design, mobile/web application development, digital marketing and social media for churches.

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National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.


Thursday, 20th February, 2020


09:00 AM